Friday, April 2, 2010

If you correct your thoughts, the rest of your life will fall into place

Believing that who we are is defined by what other people think of us cripples the joyful spontaneity of our authentic selves. If others disapprove, and their opinion defines us, then we modify ourselves or shrink from view. Our image of ourselves is located in them, and when they reject us, we no longer "are" at all......We cease to exist except as a reflection of what others think. The fact is that who you are has absolutely nothing to do with any thoughts or opinions that exist in anyone else in this world." -
Listen to your inner voice and promise that you'll take positive action where you need to. If you've been addicted to a harmful substance, to overeating, or even to being a doormat, listen to the voice within that begs you to be big rather than small, and to take one corrective step...

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life...

Once you believe in yourself and see your soul as divine and precious, you will automatically become a being who can create a miracle

.............LUV READING........... Dr Wayne Dyer


  1. its so difficult to change your thoughts...the thoughts (negative) with which you have been living since years. And suddenly you realise that negativity is not the only thing alive in the world but in yourself...your ego is are at a loss to know what to do, which way to go...

    blogs like this will surely help you find your way out of negativism.

  2. thanx jasmine...jus wud like 2 add changing thoughts become difficult wen we close our mind..nd rigidity creeps shudnt forget dat life is learning...even if im lecturer i learn every day so many things from my students nd thoughts r changed 4 b open 2 experience & keep learning..keep changing 4 good..ultimate goal of life shud b 2 b happy...spread happiness & be a good human being:);)