Sunday, April 18, 2010

love Guru NANAK DEV JI teachings:)

let me narrate a story from Guru Nanak's life.once Guru nanak and bhai Mardana went to village though people didnt treat dem well,Guru nanak before proceeding next village ,said VASSE RAHO.bhai mardana was surprised but kept mum

the people in the next village welcomed and extended hospitality .When Guru Nanak decided to leave the village ,he said UJJARH JAON...bhai mardana asked guru d rationale behind his two types of greetings.Guru smiled nd said as d nature nd values of first village were not good ,so dey shud b resticted to dat village only so vasse raho...nd people in d next village shud ujjar jao nd share their gud nature nd values:)

kirat karo....earn an honest living
vand shakna.......share ur good fortunes wid less fortunate
naam japna....worship GOD:):)

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