Sunday, April 25, 2010


There r no coincidences..every event we experience and every person we meet has intentionally been put in our path..d phone call 4m an old friend who crossed ur mind is no longer a surprise,d failed relationship dat left u broken hearted is no longer a source of bitterness nd pain...infact a blessing in disguise..a gift dat makes u stronger,more conscious,more alive..

all my life i hav felt d presence of powerful ,supportive energy wich never left me alone...i feel everything is planned .i began 2 notice dat wenever i went against my "inner voice" always turned out 2 b a mistake..especially wen i use my strength of will nd work against my intution ..i cant remember my intution ever failing me,although i've failed my intution many times..

hear ur inner voice its d message of soul:)

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