Friday, June 4, 2010

life is all about finding meanings nd purpose 4 urself:)

Following is an excerpt from the book ‘Life’s Greatest Lessons: 20 Things That Matter by Hal Urban’. Author Hal Urban has shared a question his student had asked him and his reply to the same.

Q: If God is so good and so powerful, how come god allows us all this suffering? Why didn’t he make us so that we can be happy and healthy all the time?

A: If God created us that way, we would be nothing more than puppets. He would be pulling the strings and we would have absolutely no power of our own. It’s true, we wouldn’t have to experience pain and hardship. But without them we would also never know the real triumphs and joys of life. There would be no reason to find a meaning or purpose for ourselves. We would be nothing more than mindless, programmed robots. God did a lot better than that. He created us instead with a free will. He gave us life and then he gave us the freedom to decide for ourselves what we will do with it. He gave us the power to choose our own way.

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